The two classics, the two heavyweights, the big guns....and if you don't already know what I'm talking about, you're hanging with the wrong crowd.  While Rolex has many successful models, the Daytona and Submariner are two that really put Rolex on the map.  Both are from the sports category but have their own unique factors that make them stand out from other models. 

Even the idea behind these watches is amazing, let alone the flawless execution of the final product. Rolex decided to cater these watches to very specific audiences; the Daytona to race car drivers and the Submariner to divers.  Each watch would have simple but specific functions added to it that were beneficial to people racing and swimming. 


Release Year: 1963
Size: 40mm
Perfect For: Racers
Unique Feature: Tachymeter bezel
Most Famous Wearer: Paul Newman

To market the Daytona towards racers, Rolex included a Tachymeter Bezel which allowed the owner to measure elapsed time and calculate average speed without doing any math.  It's exactly what a high end racer would want, and boy did they.  The Daytona is often one of the more difficult models to come by due to it's popularity and is highly valued by collectors.


Release Year: 1953
Size: 40mm
Perfect For: Divers
Unique Feature: Unidirectional bezel

Where do you even start with the Submariner?  It's iconic, it's classic, it's's the watch that James Bond wore.  Rolex created a waterproof masterpiece that appealed to divers with it's Unidirectional bezel.  The bezel allowed divers to accurately time their dives which meant it was classy and functional, a deadly combo. 



Submariner vs Daytona - Who's the winner?


There's no easy way to say this, but there is no winner, and that's because everybody is a winner with these two watches!  These are two of the most cherished models by collectors all over the world and they earned that reputation over the years. If you're a watered down martini slinging weekend spy or an adrenaline junkie free diver then these watches are an 11 out of 10 for you.  For everyone else they're a 10 out of 10.