Rolex Sky Dweller Oyster Perpetual with Leather Strap

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Ready to sell your Rolex? You should be! We are the best place to sell your watch.  Our prices are unbeatable and we provide a professional service that will give you peace of mind. When selling your Rolex online, it is important that you find a credible company that can offer an honest price and takes care of all the details for you. At Swiss Wrist, this is exactly what we do!

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Why Sell Your Pre-Owned Rolex to Swiss Wrist?

If you're looking to sell your Rolex watch, then look no further. A premier dealer, Swiss Wrist, is the online authority in purchasing and selling pre-owned Rolex watches and provides free quotes for all timepieces of interest!


If you're looking to sell your Rolex Submariner or sell your Rolex Daytona, then Swiss Wrist also offers competitive pricing on all watches and accessories from this elite manufacturer. Our experienced team has been providing industry-leading service for more than a decade with no hidden fees!


Swiss Wrist is also excited to offer a variety of new and unworn Rolex watches, including some exciting sports models. If you're looking for something different but with the same quality as your current watch, you can trade in your old one! Get yourself or someone else an amazing gift; make some money off unwanted accessories; try out more than just one model before buying it -- whatever works best for you.


Here are some of the Rolex models we are in the market for:



Don’t see your model listed here? No problem! Give us a call at 855-256-0100 and we'll let you know if we can give you a quote, or at least what you should expect to sell your Rolex for so you can get the best price. 


How to Sell Your Pre-Owned Rolex to Swiss Wrist

First, fill out the form below. Provide Swiss Wrist with the Model Name if you know it, three photos like shown, a description of the watch, and your contact details. We will then send you a free quote for your Rolex. Once we agree on the price, we will send you a pre-paid fully insured label to ship it to us. When we receive your watch, we inspect the timepiece thoroughly with only certified technicians to ensure that our customers receive 100% accurate evaluations of their items.


In addition, our team of experts will also review the value of your watch based on current market conditions. As a result, you can be confident that we pay fair prices while providing honest service with complete discretion for all customers.


Remember that all of your dealings with Swiss Wrist are safe and secure, whether you are looking to buy or sell.


The Swiss Wrist Guarantee

The quote you receive from Swiss Wrist is the amount we will pay for the Rolex or we will send you back your watch with no questions asked. That means if we quote you a price and you send us your watch to sell, we will not lower our quoted price based on a real-life inspection of the timepiece which is why we require photos to determine a fair quote before any shipments occur. If we ever deem the condition of your watch to be unsatisfactory compared to our quote, i.e. water damage that cannot be seen in photos, we will return the watch safely and securely in the same condition we received it in.

How we can best evaluate your Rolex before selling to us

When submitting photos of your Rolex below, please follow these guidelines:


Watch Face

Watch Face


Watch Band


Watch Clasp

Watch Clasp


Consider the condition of your Pre-Owned Rolex before you sell it

Firstly, if you are considering selling your Rolex, please give us a call before putting any money into servicing and polishing your timepiece.  Sometimes you can pay a large bill on services that you wouldn’t necessarily get back unless selling on the private market.  


In fact, we expect there to be wear to your pre-owned Rolex, and our team of in-house watchmakers makes it less expensive for us to service and polish them back to like-new condition than it would be for you to pay a service center. 


It is also important to keep in mind that some vintage sport models can be even more desirable and higher in value if they have never been polished or had components replaced.


The benefits of using your Pre-Owned Rolex to trade in for another model

This would be a great opportunity to get the latest models of Rolex Watches or trading up towards that dream piece for an amazing price. 


For the Rolex connoisseur, you can mix and match a trade-in for your collection of luxury watches or even sell your whole collection for the right price.


What are you waiting for? Sell Your Rolex Today!

Selling a Rolex watch can be intimidating. It’s like selling your home, but without the realtor fees! Our team of experts is here to help you with every step in the process to ensure a comfortable and easy process. We're also happy to answer any questions about our services or anything else that might come up along the way. So don't wait -- contact us today for more information at or call 855-256-0100!