It's that time of year and we're rolling out the Easter decorations.  We're painting eggs and buying the Reece's peanut butter eggs, which are way better than the regular cups.  It's a holiday with a sense of style.  A holiday where people can be a better version of themselves after eating too much chocolate.  We're often reminded of one of the greatest Easter bunnies to ever exist, Randy Marsh, founder of the Hare Club for Men:


Hare Club For Men Watch Missing  

As we dive into the history of Rolex, we can see there are many crossovers which prove Rolex watches are truly an Easter brand.   In 2021 Rolex released an Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 with an engraved bezel with floral motifs right in time for Easter. There's the story of Pope John Paul II being given a Rolex Datejust by Wilhem Wirth in 1983, his 25th anniversary of being bishop. He wore it every day until he died in 2005.  Heck, even Warren Buffet famously hunts with his family for eggs on Easter with his gold Day-Date on his wrist. 


Today is a day where we celebrate family with our Swiss Wrist family.  So treat your wife or daughter to a ladies Rolex or give your husband or son the gift of a new mens watch.