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Rolex Watches Washington, D.C.: Used Rolex Watches For Sale At Swiss Wrist

The capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. was born after Maryland and Virginia donated lands to create the federal district. Home to all three federal branches of government--Congress, the president and Supreme Court--the city plays host to a variety of monuments and museums. These include the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Institution, and many others. A national center for the arts, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is located in D.C., as is the National Symphony Orchestra. Washington is also one of 12 cities in the United States featuring all four major professional men’s sports teams.

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Whether enjoying the city’s vibrant music scene, walking the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or meandering through the National Archives, there’s no better accessory than a Rolex! Wear yours while exploring all of D.C.

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Top 10 Washington, D.C. Attractions

1) White House
2) United States Capitol
3) Washington Monument
4) Lincoln Memorial
5) Vietnam Memorial
6) Smithsonian Institution
7) Jefferson Memorial
8) National Air and Space Museum
9) National Mall
10) Ford’s Theatre

Used Rolex Washington, D.C.

Rolex watches are beloved for their durability and timelessness in addition to pure aesthetic quality. Swiss Wrist offers plenty of information concerning the brand’s history in addition to great deals, including how to determine the production date and worth of used Rolexes. Visit our website to learn more about your timepiece, or contact our experienced, friendly staff with any questions. In a city as essential as Washington, D.C., it’s no surprise residents adore this legendary brand.

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