Air Pressure and Time Testing

Rolex and waterproofing have been hand in hand for over 100 years.  Finding itself around the neck of Mercedes Gleitz as she swam across the English Channel in 1926.  Rolex also took time 11,000 meters under the sea for the first ever trip to the Marianas Trench in 1960. 

Though Rolex has always had a strong history with waterproofing, you may still have doubts.  Maybe you have just bought or been given a used Rolex. You may have that moment of fear rushing over you as you prepare to take your first splash together. Thinking, and hoping, the previous owner was up to date on all maintenance.  If you want to remove this fear and be assured your watch will be ticking along after the swim, look no further than the team here at Swiss Wrist!

When checking the pressure of your Rolex we use a top-of-the-line pressure chamber to find leaks and ensure they are fixed and ready for anything you can throw at them! No matter what your Rolex’s waterproof depth rating is, we will make sure you can take it there.    

We have all of the tools and parts to replace any old, cracked gaskets or simply apply a new coat of sealant along any gaskets still in great condition.  Water in your watch is not something to play around with.  We highly recommend you send us your watch so we can make sure it is in order.  When we open it up, we can also notify you if any other parts, oils, screws, etc need to be replaced so that you do not need to come back to us any sooner than needed.  Lord knows we all hate the wait times and longing to be reunited with our watches.

Our $350 servicing package includes air pressure and time-testing!

Contact us today so your Rolex can forever show you, what time is really about.