In short you say, if you wear your Rolex regularly, don’t worry about this for 10 years.  To say it with more words; if you wear your watch regularly, there is no need to open it up like a mad scientist applying the perfectly measured amount of masterfully crafted oils that keep those gears running smoother than Schumacher’s F1 for roughly 10 years.  

If you only wear your watch on special occasions, just know that the lubricants will fade and cause unwanted friction internally.  Since your Rolex does not roar the way an F1 racecar does, you will only notice the fade through your watch running slow. Shocker, I know.  You can prevent this by simply winding your watch once a week.  

To sum up the actions a Rolex wearer like yourself should take regarding lubricating the watch, Take it to a professional, like Swiss Wrist, every 10 years.

For the guys who love tiny tools, tiny gears, and locking in a magnifying monocle for hours of fun inside a watch, read on for some high level tips. 


Tips for Watch Oiling

Watches can have over 50 points of contact that require lubrication to prevent damage. If you just bought a vintage watch and don’t know the service schedule, or your 10 years of ownership on a new watch has come due, you should open it up for an overhaul.  This requires a complete dis-assembly, cleaning, and re-oiling of your wrists best friend. So knowing the basics of oiling is paramount.  

Like all great journey’s, start at the beginning! Open your watch and visually inspect each part to see what’s crusty, dry, or damaged (chipped teeth or sheered sides are common).  If things look in order, you may be able to oil the jewels and escapement then call it a day. But like Forrest Gump says, you “have come this far…. Might as well keep going”.   Get in there and have some cleaning fun!

It will be best to have a printed or digital assembly guide as you take things apart bit by bit.  Otherwise, you had better get a safe space to methodically label the order in which you disassemble each piece.  Wipe each piece clean with a brush, warm water, and mild soap to get all dirt and old oil out. Then dry with a microfiber cloth.

Once everything is sparkly clean and ready to be oiled up, you must apply the correct oil for your watch.  Each watch will have a recommended oil so check manufacturer specifications for you model.  

Below are some of the most used and accepted oils: 

Moebius 9010 

HP 1300 – HP1300 (sometimes referred to as Moebius 9104).

 Moebius 0941 

Moebius 8200 

When you have the correct oil, it is important to apply the correct amount to the various parts.  Again, follow the directions on a manufacturer’s assembly guide!  Too little, and you risk early damage. Too much, and you risk contaminating other parts of the watch (imagine eating a double burger with too much sauce, no napkins, and no plate to protect your clothes…)

There are various tools you can use to apply the oil.  We recommend an automatic oiler, because that is what Rolex recommends. These will apply the exact amount needed every time.  

Now its time to start applying oil and stacking gears until every piece is back in place.  Take your time, follow directions, and enjoy the process of seeing a beautifully crafted Rolex tick back to life by your very own hands!

Lastly, remember Swiss Wrist is here to take care of your watch with years of experience, quality parts, and a passion for making your time beautiful.

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