PVD Coating

PVD/DLC Coating

PVD Coating - What is it?

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, which is a group of vacuum coating techniques used to deposit a thin film coating on a number of materials that enhances their properties and helps them last longer. The PVD process has been around for decades, having been used in a wide variety of industries including medical implants, surgical equipment, cutting tools and Formula 1 racing parts. The process occurs in a vacuum chamber over a period of 6 hours, whereby the component is coated slowly over time with a thin film layer that is tightly bonded to the material beneath.


In our case, the coating that we use for Swiss watches is DLC (Diamond like Carbon) which is a combination of Carbon, Titanium and Nitrogen that enhances the watch casing and band in a number of ways:

  • 1. Increases scratch resistance
  • 2. Adds a layer to protect against the elements and regular wear
  • 3. Increases surface hardness - 20x harder than 904L "Rolex Steel"
  • 4. Transforms the look of the watch from stainless steel to stunning color.  We offer stealth black, chemical blue, light and dark purple, and spectrum to name a few. 

2 options for PVD coating

1. COATING ONLY - Send us only the metal components (case, caseback, bezel, crown, and band) disassembled and fully polished - we will send out the watch to be coated then when it arrives, package it safely, and send it back to you fully insured. 

2. DISASSEMBLY, POLISH, COATING & REASSEMBLY - Send us your watch as is, and our expert watchmakers will disassemble your watch, polish it to remove any scratches/blemishes, send it out for coating, reassemble your watch complete with water pressure test, and send it back to you fully insured.

Additional Customizations Available

  • - Colored: SUBMARINER/SEA-DWELLER etc.
  • - Large Array of Custom Dial Colors
  • - Diamond / Gemstone Dial Markers
  • - Custom Diamond Bezel Upgrades
  • - Custom colored 24-hour bezel inserts